About Bob

I built my first website in 1998 for a financial services firm. Back then the technology for creating websites was basically in it's infancy and all of the cool stuff available today didn't exist yet. We've come a long way in the past 17 years.

With an educational background in marketing and also having worked in advertising, and even having owned my own sign company, the transition to web design was natural. Behind all these different, yet similar fields, is a requirement for an artistic vision that gives the oompf to the final product.

But, my experience transcends even those fields as well. I've owned several construction companies, a bicycle shop, and an auto body shop. I've also worked in a multitude of fields, everything from being a 411 operator, managing shipping at a textile mill, grooming dogs, running projectors at a movie theater and on and on.

The nature of all things encompassed give me a well rounded background of reasoning and logic, which can often be lacking in someone who has solely worked in a single field their entire life or has spent all of their time behind a computer and not experienced the real world.

So, why the name Soft Sand? Well, I am a beach bum at heart. I love the ocean and I love the sand. There is nothing more relaxing, yet invigorating than a walk on the beach. And, now being just a few miles from the sandy shores is the stuff dreams are made of. So, it was natural to rename my business to something more akin to my dreams.

See My Work

Check out a few of the websites from my work that showcase my experience, abilities and talent. By combining your goals and my design experience, we can create a modern, clean and visually remarkable website, all with functionality in mind.