The Process

Many of my clients thought the creation of their website was going to be a daunting task. They had little to no technical knowledge and often had more questions than answers. From the initial contact I took the time to answer their questions and explain the entire process is simple terms, as well as offering my recommendations for implementing their website. My focus is, and always will be, to make this sometimes overwhelming process easier for you. Therefore I have spelled out the basic steps I take to help you understand the process.

Step One: Contact Me

Call me or complete my online estimate request form. Many people aren't sure exactly what they need or want, and I will help you though this process by evaluating your business model and recommending the most appropriate components and functions your website should have.

Step Two: Creating Your Estimate

I will provide an estimate the same day as you request one. I like to provide you with the most thorough and detailed estimate possible and we will let you know if it will take longer to provide you with the estimate. When your estimate is complete, I will email a copy to you for review. After you have reviewed the estimate we can go over any questions you may have.

Step Three: The Agreement

After agreeing on a price and start date for your project, I will provide you with clear and easy to read terms that outline start and completion dates as well as a detailed description of the work involved. Unlike some other businesses, there are no hidden fees and I am not going to try and get your business by deception or confusion.

Step Four: Designing Your Website

I will communicate with you on a regular basis and update you with the projects progress. During construction of your website you will have access to the development pages and be asked to review the site and request changes as we go along.

Step Five: Completion of Your Website

After the final design has been approved by you and you are 100% satisfied with the final results I will submit your site to the search engines for listing.

See My Work

Check out a few of the websites from my work that showcase my experience, abilities and talent. By combining your goals and my design experience, we can create a modern, clean and visually remarkable website, all with functionality in mind.